Snoring/Sleep Apnea Northborough MA

Millions of Americans snore. In some cases, simple lifestyle changes can prevent or lessen snoring. These remedies include sleeping on your side instead of on your back, avoiding alcohol and sedatives at bedtime, and maintaining a healthy weight.

For others, snoring is an indication of a more serious problem called Sleep Apnea. Those who suffer with sleep apnea actually stop breathing repeatedly during their sleep because of a blockage in the airway. Generally, the blockage is caused by a collapse of the soft tissue in the back of the mouth or throat.

Sleep Apnea Appliance

Dr. Gauthier treats these patients using SomnoDent®, an oral appliance therapy. The Somnodent oral appliance is custom made to be comfortable and discreet, the purpose of which  is to keep the airway open by repositioning the jaw and tongue, preventing a collapse from occurring.

SomnoDent® treatment has also been shown to have a clinically significant impact in reducing patients’ blood pressure and has been predicted to reduce the risk of stroke. In addition, this blood pressure reduction was apparent in the early morning, which is the time of peak risk for a heart attack.