CEREC InLab Northborough MA

CEREC InLabCEREC InLab is a commercial laboratory grade version of CEREC. The CEREC InLab software and milling center can fabricate implant restorations, bridges and highly esthetic dental crowns and porcelain veneers.

The CEREC InLab gives Dr. Gauthier the ability to have the equivalent of a commercial dental laboratory right in the office which minimizes turnaround times for our patients with larger cases.

The CEREC InLab allows Dr. Gauthier and his team to have control over restoration design and esthetics with out having to communicate these fine details to a dental laboratory technician who is in some cases, across the country, and is not being able to see the patient in person.

This allows for the delivery of beautiful lifelike restorations on a very consistent basis. Your restoration can be highly customized with the use of a wide array of ceramic stains, colors and glazes and ceramic oven right in the office ensuring a seamless, and natural looking restoration every time.

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