Invisible Braces Northborough MA

Over a million patients worldwide have used the Clear Aligner systems, a product comparable to Invisalign, to straighten their smiles. Patients at Apex Dental have the option of easily and comfortably straightening their teeth with clear aligners or “invisible braces”.

Straight and properly aligned teeth are key components of a properly functioning and good-looking smile. Clear aligner systems use a series of virtually invisible aligners to gradually shift your teeth into place.

Advantages of Invisible Braces

InvisalignInvisible braces can used to treat a range of orthodontic concerns including crooked teeth, overbite, underbite, and crossbite. Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits, invisible braces have show to have additional health benefits compared to traditional metal braces:

  • Improved gum and tooth health during treatment because of better oral hygiene
  • No metal allergies due to brackets and wires
  • Custom aligners tailored to fit your teeth precisely, for reduced irritation and fewer scratches

Clear aligners are made of a thin, transparent, flexible plastic. Depending on your case, you will wear a series of aligners for approximately 2 weeks each. Most patients complete treatment in 6 – 12 months.

Schedule an Invisible Braces Consultation

If you need mild to moderate orthodontic treatment, Clear aligner therapy may be your way to straighter teeth. Visit Dr. Gauthier to see how you can get the smile you have always wanted.

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