Teeth Whitening Northborough MA

Who doesn’t want a whiter, brighter smile? As we age, the color of our teeth naturally darkens. Exposure to dark colored foods and beverages or tobacco can leave teeth stained and discolored. Dr. Gauthier provides his patients with state of the art professional teeth whitening options that are both safe and effective, giving you remarkable improvement in the brightness and whiteness of your teeth.

How Teeth Whitening Works

Immediate Results With Zoom® Teeth Whitening

zoomDr. For patients seeking immediate results, the Zoom® chair side teeth whitening is the best option. In just one visit, you can improve the whiteness of your teeth by up to 8 shades. The Zoom® teeth whitening system is fast and convenient with low sensitivity. The results are long lasting and they have been proven safe and effective.

At-home Teeth Whitening

Another option is professional, at-home teeth whitening. Popular among patients because of its affordability and at-home convenience, this system utilizes custom made trays and professional quality tooth whitening gel. In about one to two weeks, you will see results. Unlike over the counter teeth whitening options, the professional at-home systems are made to fit perfectly with your teeth ensuring that you whiten all of your teeth and designed for maximum comfort and minimized tooth and gum sensitivity.

Schedule a Consultation for Teeth Whitening

People are instantly attracted to a white, bright smile. Whether you choose to have your teeth whitened in-office or at-home, trust the professional care that Dr. Gauthier provides with products that are proven safe and effective.

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