Broken and Missing Teeth

In many cases of patients who suffer from a broken or missing tooth the problem can can easily be corrected. However, in order to do so, its important that the dental health issue be quickly addressed in order to avoid additional tooth and bone loss that may lead to more costly treatment options. That’s why, when it comes to dental health, prompt attention is not only better for the wallet but its also better for the body’s overall state of health.. After all having a great smile is a necessary investment in your overall happiness.

For patients who are missing teeth one viable solution is an implant dentistry option such as dental implants. Dental implants are small titanium made post that are anchored onto the jawbone and topped with a tooth replacement that has a very natural look. In the event the patient needs multiple teeth replaced, a bridge is then attached to several post that are then anchored along the jawbone. Another solution for individuals who suffer from tooth loss are dentures. In fact dental implants are sometimes used under dentures in order to provide the patient with a more secure and stable fit. Ultimately this provides the patient with a greater level of comfort while preserving the underlying bone in order to prevent future bone loss.

For patients who are missing several teeth, but their remaining teeth are still healthy, a partial denture is an option. Partials allow for the patient to replace their missing teeth and restore function and appearance while keeping their remaining teeth intact. With their removal design, partials can be removed each day for cleaning and periodic adjustment or replacement as deemed necessary by the dental professional. For patients whose teeth have been severely damaged as a result of decay, fractures, root treatment or large fillings, dental crows are an option. The crown is set in place to provide protection to the tooth from any force that is applied to the top of the tooth that could cause it to split.