Restorative Dentistry Brings a New Smile

Dentistry has come a long way over the years in efforts to bring new smiles to those suffering from jaw pain, speech impediments, and overall mouth discomfort due to decayed or missing teeth. Although in the past, dentures were the means of replacing a missing tooth or teeth, implants are more popularly used in the modern world of dentistry. Unlike the use of dentures, modern restorative dentistry brings a new look to any individual with a boost of self esteem to go with it. Episodes of horrific headaches will subside. And, mouth and jaw pain will become only a painful memory.

It is amazing what effect that even one missing tooth can do to ones mouth. Remaining teeth will shift. As a result, the individual will have headaches from the muscle strain and jaw pain caused by the misalignment of teeth. Also, the jaw bone will actually shrink causing further pain and discomfort while bringing about an older appearance in the face. The once perfect smile will gradually be less natural. Eating the foods once loved such as a juicy steak or crunchy apples will become more and more difficult as the teeth shift to abnormal positions. Most importantly, all of these factors result in a lack of self confidence due to an altered, unnatural appearance.

With restorative dentistry, dental implants can prevent the process of teeth shifting as it replaces a tooth way down to the root. Implants feel as natural as your own teeth. Mumbled and slurring speech is a thing of the past with the proper restorative dental methods. Surrounding teeth will remain healthy. Food will never be too difficult to eat when implants are used, as chewing capabilities become more natural. Most of all, not only will your teeth be restored, a perfect smile will be reinvented as well. This, alone, will add to self confidence as you display your pearly whites for everyone to see.