Dental Implants in Massahusetts

People who are currently dealing with broken, damaged, or missing teeth may be interested in finding out more information on dental implants in Massachusetts. There is a dentist in Massachusetts, Dr. Gauthier, who happens to work at the Apex Dental Office. Dr. Gauthier is a general dentist with extensive experience and knowledge of cosmetic dentistry. One of the primary cosmetic dental procedures that are offered by Dr. Gauthier is dental implants. As a local dent, Dr. Gauthier has managed to help dozens of patients improve their smile and repair those missing and broken teeth with the dental implants. The dental implants will match exactly with all of the other teeth. No one will even be able to tell the difference between the dental implant and the natural teeth.

In order for a patient to receive dental implant, he or she must visit the dentist office of Dr. Gauthier’s to receive a consultation. During the consultation, the family dentist will examine the teeth and the structure of the jawbone to ensure that the procedure is right or the patient. During the procedure, an artificial root must be placed into the jawbone, which is typically performed by an oral surgeon. Once the artificial root is placed, it needs around 3 month to heal before the finishing touch, the dental implant, can be completed. While receiving dental implant is definitely a process, it is the type of process that is worth it, especially when the patient is able to smile again and feel confident in their beautiful smile without having to look at broken, chipped, or missing teeth.

Dr. Gauthier is one of the dentists in Massachusetts who firmly believes in helping people enhance their beautiful smiles with the use of cosmetic dentistry procedures. He wants what is best for his patients and, he works hard to ensure that his patients leave his office completely satisfied with their new and improved teeth and smile.