The Holidays and Good Dental Care at Apex Dental in Northborough,MA

Dentists warn patients to go easy on the sweets to help in avoiding cavities and other dental problems as well as avoiding foods and drinks that can stain teeth. However, the holiday season abounds with sweets to eat and plenty of drinks of all colors. Add to that the fact that most people abandon diets and restraint, at least a little bit, during the holidays. After all, who can resist a piece of pumpkin pie or a tall glass of Christmas punch?

It is quite a bit more difficult to shed the excess pounds normally packed on during the holidays than it is to get a checkup at the family dentist in Northborough,MA to learn how one’s teeth have fared through holiday excess. A good New Year’s resolution that is easily kept is an appointment for a thorough cleaning and checkup after the holidays are over. Any issues that have been made worse due to the extra sweets can be fixed at the dental office before they get worse.

The holiday season is also a time when everyone is on the run. Hours are spent shopping for that perfect gift, so fast food is often on the menu because there is no time to cook. The tree needs picked out and decorated, people are traveling to spend time with family, and good brushing and flossing habits may get a bit neglected in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. The problem even with a short-term lackadaisical approach to dental care is that plaque on teeth begins to turn into calculus (tartar) in just a few hours.

Before the season even gets into full swing, call the family dentist and make an appointment at Apex Dental in Northbourough, MA for early in the new year for everyone in the family to get their dental check-ups. If there are any problems noticed now such as discomfort or sensitivity, do not wait to get a dental checkup. Filling a small cavity now is much better than needing a root canal later. Plus, who wants to end up with a toothache during the holidays?


So, go ahead and enjoy the holiday time with family. That extra piece of pumpkin pie or glass of egg nog is all part of the joy of the season. Then, when the holidays are over, get a dental checkup and cleaning.