Rte. 20 Road Paving Information

Patients who have appointments scheduled for the week of July 15 – July 19 may experience road delays and increased traffic as final paving of the center of town commences on Tuesday, July 16 through Thursday, July 18 between the hours of 9:00AM and 3:00PM.

Please allow yourself extra time to arrive for your appointment. We hope to minimize any delays in our appointments and will do our best to keep everyone on schedule. If you have any concerns, please contact our office at 888.278.1359.

From the Northborough Police Department

For the majority of all three days, Rte. 20 traffic will flow eastbound only between 9:00AM and 3:00PM. All westbound traffic will be detoured onto Summer Street and South Street to Northgate Road to Davis Street to Rte. 20 West.

TUESDAY, paving will start at West Main Street near Dunkin’ Donuts, heading eastbound into the center, to the Church Street intersection. This will impact all businesses and residents between 31 and 70 West Main Street as well as the temporary closure of Monroe Street at West Main Street.

Depending on progress, Church Street and a small section of Pierce Street will be done at one time and all efforts will be made to keep at least one lane open. All Church Street businesses and residents from the center of Whitney Street will be impacted by delays and temporary closures as hot asphalt is put down in front of driveways and intersections. This would include United Bank, 6 Church Street, Special Teas and 10 Church Street as well as 9 Church Street and the rear entrance to the Mobil Station.

WEDNESDAY, paving will be concentrated between Church Street and the railroad tracks. Depending upon progress, Church Street may be impacted as described above. Eastbound Rte. 20 traffic will continue to flow through the center but businesses on both sides of Main Street in this area should expect delays and temporary closures of driveways and entrances. These temporary closures of driveways and entrances will affect Pierce Street, Blake Streets, and Patty Lane businesses and residents.

THURSDAY: The remaining paving from the railroad crossing to School Street will in all probability require a third day and will be completed on Thursday, July 18th. This will result in the temporary closure of Patty Lane and Hudson Street as well as businesses in that location accessed off of Main Street.

Detail officers will endeavor to get motorists and pedestrians to businesses or residential locations, or as close to them as safely as possible. Please keep in mind that freshly applied pavement is a minimum of 325-degrees. As soon as road sections are paved and sufficiently cooled to allow vehicles to operate on the asphalt safely, traffic will be allowed to access that area. Pavement operations are contingent upon weather. Rain may cause a postponement resulting in additional day(s) to complete the project.

As this project nears completion, please continue to be patient with these unavoidable inconveniences. No single location or business should be impacted directly for more than one day and for the shortest time possible.

Thank you. – Northborough Police Department