Missing tooth? Dental Implants Offer a Long Lasting Solution

A missing tooth (or teeth) can be more than simply a cosmetic issue!

Missing teeth can lead to additional oral health issues over time as the occlusal system (the bite) and the jaw respond to the loss. A missing tooth (or teeth) can lead to bone loss in the surrounding area as well as difficulty speaking and/or chewing. Patients may develop an imbalance in the bite which can have its own set of side effects.

Modern restorative dentistry offers patients a variety of options for replacing a missing tooth, but the dental implant has become the “gold standard” for many reasons and can be used when replacing a single tooth or for securing dentures or bridges when replacing several teeth.

At Apex Dental in Northborough, Dr. Robert Gauthier offers dental implants to his patients and will take the time to perform a thorough evaluation to determine that a patient will be a good candidate for implants. The entire process typically takes 6-9 months, allowing ample time for the surgically implanted titanium post to heal and begin to fuse with the jaw bone.

Dr. Gauthier performs all phases of the dental implant procedure at Apex Dental, but will coordinate the surgical phase with an oral surgeon or periodontist when necessary and follow up after surgery to place a temporary crown while the post heals. This enables patients to function normally until the final restoration is placed.

Once complete, dental implants can be cared for in the same way natural teeth are cared for, including regular visits to Dr. Gauthier for preventive care twice per year. With good at home oral hygiene and regular dental care, implants can last for many years!

Dental implants have had a 95% success rate among patients, and have been a more comfortable and convenient option for patients when used to secure appliances such as dentures. Implant secured dentures allow patients to eat without restriction- no fear of slippage!

If you have a missing tooth or want to learn more about securing dentures, schedule a consultation with Dr. Gauthier at Apex Dental.