Preventive Dental Care Northborough, MA

Apex Dental is a general and family dental office in Northborough, Massachusetts. We treat children as well as adults and are currently accepting new patients.

Our preventive care program is the foundation for our dental office. Each patient who visits our Northborough dental office will receive a comprehensive evaluation and personalized treatment plan. Our dental cleanings are performed by trained dental hygienists. You will also spend time one-on-one with the dentist to discuss your dental health and any problems or concerns you have.

Preventative Dentistry in Northborough MA

The Importance of Routine Dental Care

Our highly trained and experienced hygienists will perform your teeth cleaning (dental prophylaxis). This treatment is a vital part of your preventive care routine and the longevity of your natural smile.

While good oral hygiene at home is important, your dental hygienist will use specialized dental tools that will reach tooth surfaces that are often missed with daily tooth brushing. A professional teeth cleaning will help prevent halitosis, gum disease, tooth decay and tooth loss.

While cleaning your teeth, your hygienist will look for any signs of decay or damage. If problems do exist, we may recommend additional visits in order to maintain optimal dental health. Discovering and treating these issues in the early stages means treatment is more conservative. Keeping your smile clean and healthy benefits both your oral and overall health.

Preventing Gum Disease With Dental Exams

An estimated 75% of adults have some form of periodontal disease, better known as gum disease. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults 35 and older. A good oral hygiene program and routine professional care is the best way to reduce your risk of gum disease. Dr. Gauthier and the team at Apex Dental focus on preventative dentistry which includes the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease and tooth decay.

Most patient’s dental and periodontal health can be treated using non-surgical methods. If caught early, gingivitis can be treated with a thorough dental cleaning Northborough, MA dentist office.

One of our dentists may also recommend improved at home oral hygiene and using an anti-bacterial mouth rinse to help keep your oral bacteria balanced. Another treatment we may recommend is scaling and root planing where plaque and tartar are gently removed from the teeth and gums.

Using special tools, one of our dentists will scrape away plaque and tartar build up and removes bacteria from the deep gum pockets where it forms. Removing the bacteria from the pockets in the early stages of development can help prevent gum recession and tooth loss.

Other patients may require more intensive treatment to rebuild the tissue around teeth and restore teeth that may have begun to decay, broken or that have already been lost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my tooth gets knocked out?

If you are in an accident and your primary tooth gets knocked out, try to locate it. If found, place it in a container with milk, or your own saliva. A primary tooth can be placed back in the socket by your dentist in an emergency. If you can not locate your tooth, you should still call your dentist and schedule an emergency visit to examine your mouth for damage.

What should I do about my tooth pain?

Tooth pain can be a sign of many dental problems. It can also be a temporary issue from chewing too hard. Call your dentist if your tooth pain lasts for more than a couple of days in a localized area. Try not to use Orajel or other tooth pain relief medication for long periods of time as this only masks the issue and does not help heal the root cause.

How do dental sealants work?

Dental sealants is a term that is used to describe a material that helps prevent tooth decay. A sealant material is painted on chewing surfaces of your back teeth. This material is safe for teeth of all ages and is unnoticeable. Once cured, it creates a clear shield on the teeth, blocking harmful bacteria from creating cavities and infections. Dental sealants can last for many years before naturally deteriorating.

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Dr. Gauthier applies his artistic skill to every patient, bringing an element of cosmetic dentistry to each procedure. You can be sure that your smile will be as beautiful as it is healthy. If you are interested in learning more about our general dentistry services or other solutions, please call (508) 506-1691 or schedule an appointment online.