Technology Used By Apex Dental

apex dental office technology
Dr. Gauthier has incorporated the latest dental technology into his Northborough dental office, allowing him to deliver both optimal and immediate results for his patients. Cosmetic and restorative dental procedures can often be completed in one visit, greatly reducing the impact of dental procedures on your daily schedule.


Our patients love the DIAGNOdent. This minimally invasive, pen like tool, allows Dr. Gauthier to detect dental decay in its earliest stages without having to scratch or poke teeth or expose patients to harmful radiation.

The DIAGNOdent is one of the leading advancements in dental technology. This highly sensitive probe uses fluorescent light analysis to detect tooth decay quickly, easily and accurately. By detecting tooth decay early, patients can avoid potentially painful and invasive treatment.

According to a study by PD Dr. Lussi of the University of Bern, the DIAGNOdent has a 90% accuracy rate. That’s over 40% higher than any other traditional method including x-rays.

Dr. Gauthier is committed to providing his patients with the most comfortable dental experience possible. That is why he and his team are so focused on preventing dental decay and maintaining healthy teeth and gums.


Dr. Gauthier has integrated the latest advancements in dental technology with the addition of CEREC and CEREC InLab. Using CAD/CAM technologies, CEREC produces indirect ceramic restorations (crowns, caps, inlays, onlays and dental veneers) in a single visit.

Traditional restorative procedures require multiple visits where the patient is subjected to messy impressions, extensive preparation, uncomfortable temporaries and the time involved in having an outside laboratory produce the restoration.

With the CEREC system, teeth can be restored in a single visit. After the tooth is prepared, a special camera takes an optical impression of the tooth, recording its exact specifications. Using the CAD/CAM software, the restoration is digitally prepared and then sent to a milling machine where the restoration is created using the finest, tooth colored ceramic material.

In just a few minutes, the restoration is ready and checked for a perfect fit. Then, it is permanently bonded or cemented to your tooth and gently polished to a beautiful shine.

CEREC uses materials that are closely matched to the composition of natural tooth structure. The ceramic materials are strong and tooth colored to restore teeth to their natural strength, beauty and function.

If you are interested in learning more about our dental technology or other solutions, please call 508-393-8819.