Isolite Northborough MA

Northborough MA Dentist Office Uses IsoliteIsolite is a revolutionary dental device designed to make the patient’s experience more comfortable and efficient. Isolite uses a unique mouth piece that allows the patient to relax the jaw while keeping the mouth open during the entire procedure and providing constant illumination, aspiration and retraction.

  • Bright Shadowless Illumination
    The entire oral cavity is illuminated from the inside of the mount using a special LED light giving Dr. Gauthier a clear, bright view.
  • Continuous Aspiration
    Dr. Gauthier can complete procedures without interruption as the Isolite keeps the mouth clear of fluids and debris.
  • Comfortable Retraction
    The Isolite comfortably keeps the tongue out of the way, giving Dr. Gauthier uncompromised access to the patient’s mouth.

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