Preventative Services

Not every person has the luxury of a perfect smile. Achieving a healthy smile takes a good oral hygiene program and preventative dental care to reduce the risk of dental problems that deteriorate teeth and the gum line.. The preventative services provided by Apex Dental are designed to prevent damage to your smile. Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is one of the biggest contributors to decayed and missing teeth in adults. In-depth oral evaluations completed by the dental team at Apex Dental are the first line of defense in combating gum disease.

When gum disease is diagnosed early, it is a treatable condition that will be personalized based on the severity of the damage to your teeth. The frequent build up of tarter and plaque along the gum line need to be removed to avoid more severe damage that may require surgeries to correct. With scaling and root planing, the bacteria can be gently swept away to improve the health of your teeth and gum line. These preventative services by the Apex Dental team will keep your teeth from developing excess plaque and tarter build up.

Severe cases of periodontal disease may require lost tissue to be replaced along the gum line. The lost tissue, broken or decayed teeth may be restored to improve your oral appearance. A continuing oral hygiene plan can be created for you to follow after diagnosis and treatment of gum disease and related dental problems. This preventative plan can prevent the risk of further damage to your teeth and gum line to help improve the quality of your smile. Apex Dental cares about the quality of your oral appearance.

Every person needs preventative services as a part of routine dental care. Avoiding these treatments are the leading cause of tooth loss and decay. The preventative dentistry provided by the Apex Dental care team will keep you from developing serious dental problems that require advanced procedures to save or rebuild your teeth and gum line. Taking care of your smile is a high priority and professional procedures can help give you a healthy smile.