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Digital Imaging Northborough, MA

Apex Dental is on the leading edge of modern dental technology. Dr. Robert Gauthier has incorporated digital imaging into his Northborough, MA practice in two very important ways: digital photography and digital radiographs.

Dr. Gauthier gives his patients a window into the future by allowing them to “see” what their results will look like before they begin cosmetic dental and restorative dental procedures.

From a series of digital photographs and models, Dr. Gauthier can use cosmetic dental imaging software and wax models to simulate the results of proposed procedures.

Dental Imaging in Northborough, Massachusetts

Benefits of Digital Imaging

There are countless benefits to the patient, but perhaps most important is that it provides a high level of communication between the patient and doctor. Digital radiographs are one of the greatest advances in modern dentistry.

This form of X-ray imaging surpasses the conventional use of X-ray films. With digital radiographs, the patient is exposed to considerably lower levels of radiation.

The digital format allows X-rays to be easily stored and archived in the patient’s digital health file. Should they need to, the patient’s digital X-rays or other dental information can be instantly shared with other medical specialists.

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