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Dental Crown Northborough, MA

Weak, damaged, badly deformed, or stained teeth may benefit from dental crowns. Dr. Robert Gauthier uses only the best dental ceramic to create natural-looking dental crowns in Northborough, MA.

A dental crown is a customized “cap” that a dentist places over the tooth to restore its strength and improve its appearance. Metal can discolor the teeth and cause discomfort. The latest dental materials remove the need for the use of metal in dental crowns. Dr. Gauthier’s use of modern, high-quality materials and CEREC technology ensures that your smile will have the look and feel of your natural teeth.

Dental Crowns in Northborough, Massachusetts

Dental Crowns in Northborough, MA

Not only can dental crowns restore teeth, but they can also improve the appearance of teeth. With the use of high-quality ceramics and the CEREC system, a tooth crown will look real, just like the rest of your natural teeth. Also, it will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile. A dental crown can hide any tooth imperfection since it encases the whole tooth.

People with yellow or stained teeth may have tried professional teeth whitening with no luck. Dental crowns are a great choice to brighten your teeth instantly. They can close the gaps between teeth and also correct misshapen or crooked teeth. Crowns do cost more than teeth whitening but are still a cost-effective solution to hide cosmetic concerns. Many of our patients choose crowns instead of porcelain veneers because they are affordable.

Treatment with Dental Crowns at Apex Dental

Dr. Gauthier is the first and only dentist in Northborough to use CEREC for same-day dental crowns. CEREC uses advanced CAD/CAM software to produce indirect ceramic restorations in a single visit. The entire process can take about one and a half hours to install a dental crown.

To begin the crown process, your dentist will prepare your mouth. Getting a dental crown will not hurt because the dentist uses a local anesthetic to numb your mouth. Then, he will prepare the tooth using a dental tool to clean the infection. He will gently remove some of the outer sides of the tooth to create room for the tooth cap. Next, a special camera will take an optical impression of the tooth to record its exact measurements.

Using the CAD/CAM software, our dental team will digitally prepare the dental crown for fabrication. Then we will send it to our in-office laboratory. There we will create it using the finest tooth-colored ceramic. When your new crown is complete, Dr. Gauthier will permanently attach it to your tooth. He will also make any necessary adjustments and polish it. You will leave with a renewed tooth after a single one to two-hour visit to our Northborough dental office near you.

Dental Crown FAQs

Learn the answers to frequently asked questions about dental crowns below.

Do dental crowns require special care?

Dental crowns are highly durable as well as stain and decay-resistant. To ensure that your dental crown lasts, you should continue practicing good at-home oral hygiene and visit the dentist at least twice a year. Your Apex dentist can make personalized recommendations for improving your oral health habits to support your overall dental wellness.

Why do I need a dental crown?

Dental crowns are an effective solution for a range of dental concerns. Patients may require a dental crown to fix a cosmetic blemish, such as a crack or discoloration. Dental crowns can fit a tooth after a root canal to help stabilize the natural tooth structure. We can also use dental crowns and implants to replace a missing tooth.

What should I do if a crown falls out?

DO NOT attempt to put it back on. Do not attempt to use epoxy, glue, or oral cement to reattach it. Call your dentist as soon as possible and keep the crown clean. A dental crown can fail if the dentist did not secure it correctly or if it was not custom-made for your tooth. It can also fail if you experience damage due to trauma to the mouth.

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