Dazzle with Zoom Whitening

As most of us know, teeth start to become stained and naturally darker with age. Eating, drinking and lifestyle habits may also contribute. Dark foods and drinks like coffee and red wine, along with smoking cigarettes can accelerate this process. Many overthe-counter whitening products will only lighten a few shades, and the results can be more short-lived than desired. Plus, these products may be messy and painful for those with sensitive teeth. The Zoom Whitening system lightens teeth an average of 8 shades in just a matter of one 45 minute session. Also, it involves little to no discomfort for even the most sensitive teeth. The Zoom Whitening process is performed by a dental professional, and appointments can be made online or with your regular dentist.

The Zoom Whitening system consists of 4 simple steps. Step 1 involves preparation of your teeth. This may involve a dental cleaning if you choose, but is not mandatory. Your gums and lips will be covered–leaving only teeth exposed. The Zoom whitening gel, which is specifically designed to work with the Zoom light, is applied in step 2. Step 3 contains three sessions with Zoom whitening gel and the Zoom light, which are 15 minutes each. During this time, the gel reacts to the light, eliminating any discoloration and stains. Step 4 ends the whitening process. The Zoom whitening gel and covering over the lips and gums are removed. You are left with an extraordinarily bright and white smile. If proper mouth care is taken after completion of the Zoom Whitening treatment, your teeth will permanently stay whiter than they ever were before the treatment.

Zoom Whitening is an exceptional system. It has been known as one of the world’s dominating ‘chairside whitening’ systems, and is still making advances in its technology. Its fame is also increasing, with Zoom’s use in shows like ABC’s Extreme Makeover. Regardless of the reason for wanting whiter teeth or the cause of discoloration, the Zoom Whitening system will transform anyone’s teeth into an amazing smile.