No More Crooked Teeth with Clear Aligners

Wearing dental braces used to be a rite of passage in modern society. Countless teenagers had to wear metal “railroads” on their teeth to correct crookedness, resulting an emotional anguish which may have been transitory, but certainly seemed bad enough at the time.

In addition to their unsightly appearance, old-style braces presented a hygiene problem because they made the teeth difficult to clean. While these braces may have corrected the crookedness of the tooth, they probably promoted tooth decay by making proper brushing difficult.

These old-style braces were also rather uncomfortable. Things got stuck under them and chewing was hard sometimes. While these old-fashioned braces may have done their job reasonably well, their disadvantages were obvious.

Luckily, modern science has given us an alternative. Clear braces now provide a way to straighten teeth without any of the disadvantages associated with the old ones. These clear braces are invisible, removable and do not make good dental hygiene more difficult. Because they are thin and fit flat against the tooth surface, they do not make chewing difficult the way old-style braces sometimes would.

The way to straighten crooked teeth is by applying steady, firm pressure against them, but this pressure doesn’t have to be constant. Clear braces apply their pressure most of the time, but they can be removed occasionally for brief periods of time without diminishing their effectiveness. The fact that they can be easily removed allows the patient to brush and floss their teeth, then replace the clear braces afterward.

Clear braces can be used to remedy a number of dental problems. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder or TMJ is a condition causing stiffness of the jaw muscles, headaches and pain during eating. While this is a complex condition which can have several causes, many cases of TMJ can be corrected using clear braces to straighten the crooked teeth and restore bite alignment.

Crooked teeth are unsightly, and they can contribute to an improper alignment of the entire jaw. By using clear braces to straighten teeth, the patient can get a new look and possibly prevent further misalignment in the future.