Clear Aligner Therapy

What is clear aligner therapy? One could say that it is a revolutionary advance in orthodontics that allows you to straighten your crooked teeth out using transparent aligners. In short, it is the use of clear braces! Just like wire braces, clear aligners can help a person correct any number of positional problems with their teeth, including misaligned bites, overbites, overjets, and teeth that are either too crowded together or widely spaced apart.

Clear aligners are just that, specially-made trays that fit over your teeth and straighten them out little by little. Unlike regular wire braces, clear braces can be removed at any time, such as when you need to eat, brush or floss. They are designed to straighten teeth out within a certain threshold and are typically changed every two weeks in order to reposition them in even greater increments. Visits to the orthodontist ever six weeks for a routine progress check are also an option. Clear braces do not require any specially made headgear, nor do they call for the use of a retainer after they are permanently removed. More than anything, clear braces are unobtrusive and just about unnoticeable to the general public, making the issue of insecurity that people feel go hand in hand with metal braces a thing of the past!

If those perks are not enough, then perhaps the best thing about clear alignment therapy is the fact that it works much quicker than all other known methods. Wire braces can take well over two years to adjust your teeth properly. Clear braces, however, can work their magic in just six to twelve months, easily a fraction of that time!

Nothing brightens up a person’s appearance than a pleasant and friendly smile, and nothing brightens a smile better than a healthy set of straight, pearly white teeth. Old braces may get the job done, but only after at least a few years of cramping up your style, appearance and eating habits. With clear aligner therapy, you get to reap all of the rewards with none of the hassle!