Cosmetic Dental Procedures and Professionals in Northborough

Cosmetic dentistry includes a wide range of procedures that people get to enhance the looks and functions of their teeth and gums. There are dentists who do these procedures and refer to themselves as cosmetic dentists. However, the field is not formally established, so any Massachusetts dentist can promote this title. Determining the professional’s training and experience qualifications is the best way to find the right cosmetic dentist in Northborough.

A cosmetic dental procedure may include adding substances to the gums or teeth, like crowns or veneers. More serious procedures include removing the gums. More popular and less invasive procedures include teeth whitening and straightening. Orthodontics is a field that involves treating irregular alignments of the teeth and jaw. Some orthodontists focus on remodeling the whole facial structure instead of just the teeth.

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentists study and treat various disorders of the teeth. The field includes periodontics and endodontics. Since the work is serious and complex, qualified dentists in Northborough have to review the medical histories of the patients first. Restoring teeth to its initial form and appearance is possible through the use of dental implants or dental veneers.


Teeth whitening or bleaching is one of the most recognized cosmetic dental operations done in a Northborough dental office. Various treatments are available, including store-bought products. However, a local dentist performs treatments that are the most effective and the longest lasting.


Veneers are very thin laminates that are made of porcelain and customized to a person’s face and tooth structure. These devices are used to hide unsightly teeth or close gaps. Reducing the teeth may be necessary, but the decision is based on a thorough evaluation that is performed in a Northborough dentist office.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are lookalike teeth that replace missing ones. Almost all implants are inserted within the bone for firm attachment. Osseointegration occurs, in which the implant fuses with the bone. Dental implants are inserted to hold a number of devices, like crowns or dentures.

Cosmetic dental procedures have long-lasting effects on people’s lives. They avoid having to hide their smiles or experience pain or discomfort every day. Modern medical procedures are designed for the ultimate ease and convenience of the patient. With one checkup or operation, a severe problem can be stopped from getting worse and causing permanent damage. Apex Dental offers a wide range of procedures for individuals who need efficiency and affordability.