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Dental anxiety? Don’t worry- we can help!

One of the most common reasons for avoiding a trip to the dentist is dental anxiety or fear of the dentist. In many cases, a patient’s anxiety is the result of a previous bad experience during a dental treatment.

Dr. Robert Gauthier, a general and cosmetic dentist in Northborough, offers the solutions necessary to help phobic patients to relax and regain their confidence while undergoing a dental procedure.

Dr. Gauthier will take the time to discuss the concerns a patient may have about their oral health and possible dental treatment.

In many situations, taking the time to fully explain a dental procedure and discuss possible anesthesia options provides the level of comfort needed to help a patient overcome their anxiety.

In more complex situations or during a more involved dental procedure, Dr. Gauthier may recommend the use of sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry can enable a patient to undergo a dental procedure while in a mild “euphoric” state, whereby they are awake but won’t recall the procedure afterward.

This type of sedation can be administered effectively using a small wand that slowly drips the anesthetic for a consistent delivery during the entire procedure.

Dental anxiety? Don't worry- we can help!

In this way, patients will feel relaxed and pain-free without the use of a needle! This “magic wand” will prevent a patient from feeling the onset of pain and discomfort towards the end of a procedure when traditional injection-style anesthetics begin to wear off.

Regular dental visits are the key to maintaining lifelong oral health- an important part of overall physical health and well-being!

If you suffer from dental anxiety, let Dr. Gauthier and his staff at Apex Dental help you overcome your dental anxiety and restore your oral health.