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Oral Health & Bad Breath

Bad breath stinks. No one wants to have smelly breath, but did you know your chronic halitosis could be an indicator of a much more serious concern? Bad breath could be your body’s way of letting you know that there may be something more going on. Northborough, MA Apex Dental provides patients with comprehensive oral health care that can help get to the root of your bad breath.

Oral Health & Bad Breath

Everyone experiences unpleasant breath once in awhile, especially in the morning, or after eating potent smelling foods. This type of bad breath is normal and can be eradicated with good oral hygiene. Bad breath becomes a concern if it is persistent, and does not subside with proper brushing and flossing.

What Could My Bad Breath Be Telling Me?

Chronic halitosis may be an indicator of a health concern of the mouth, or of the body. If you are experiencing persistent bad breath, be sure to schedule a dental exam with your Apex dentist. Early diagnosis could allow for more effective and conservative treatment. Dr. Robert Gauthier provides comprehensive and personal dental treatment plans that will address the root of your halitosis and restore your smile.

Oral Health Concerns & Halitosis

  • Tooth Decay: When sugar or food debris builds up and around your teeth, bacteria will begin to grow. The bacteria eats away at the enamel of your teeth and causes tooth decay. The bacteria has a smell to it and could be causing your halitosis. Apex dental can treat your tooth decay. Addressing your tooth decay as soon as possible can help prevent root canal or tooth extraction. Dr. Gauthier provides white fillings for aesthetically pleasing results.
  • Dentures: Your dentures need to be cleaned every day to prevent them from growing bacteria. BE sure to remove plaque and debris from your dentures to avoid infection of the gums or bad breath.
  • Dry Mouth: Dry mouth can be caused by medication, chemotherapy, salivary gland conditions, or mouth breathing. Dry mouth is a condition where your salivary glands are not producing enough saliva to keep your mouth moist and clean. Dr. Gauthier may recommend a hydrating oral rinse. You should also be sure to drink plenty of water and chew sugar-free gum to stimulate saliva production.

Schedule An Appointment

If your Northborough dentist determines that your bad breath is not caused by an oral health concern, they may recommend you visit your general physician. Bad breath may also be an indicator that you are experiencing diabetes, liver or kidney conditions or gastrointestinal disorders. If not an oral health concern, your chronic halitosis could also be a sign of a lung, sinus or throat infection. These are serious health concerns that should be addressed by a doctor. Schedule a consultation with your Apex dentist to find out the cause of your bad breath.