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Meds, Cavities & Dry Mouth

Dry mouth can be uncomfortable and irritating, but did you know it can be caused by your prescription medications? Over 500 prescription medication report dry mouth as a common side effect. Prescribed medications for conditions such as allergies and anxiety may be the culprit for your dry mouth.

Dry mouth can lead to plaque buildup and new cavity development in adult patients as well as persistent bad breath, or halitosis. See your local Northborough, MA dentist Dr. Robert Gauthier if you are suffering from dry mouth.

Do Not Ignore The Signs

Do not ignore the signs of dry mouth. Though it may seem mundane, dry mouth can lead to serious complex dental concerns that may require lengthy and expensive dental treatments. Dry mouth may also be a sign of other serious medical conditions. Always inform your dentist of any medications you are prescribed.

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Common Signs of Dry Mouth

  • Burning Sensation
  • Trouble Swallowing, Tasting
  • Sticky and Dry Mouth & Throat
  • Cracked and Dry Lips
  • Tooth Decay
  • Frequent Mouth Sores

What Is Dry Mouth?

Dry Mouth is a condition in which saliva production is slowed or halted. Dry mouth can cause difficulty in speaking, swallowing and gum irritation. Saliva is your bodies natural defense against plaque build up. Saliva is used to wash away debris and neutralize acids, Saliva helps keep debris from settling into the crevices of your teeth where bacteria can build and cause tooth decay. Without natural production of saliva, you may experience an increase in cavity development.

Alleviate Dry Mouth Symptoms

There are some simple ways to help alleviate dry mouth and help to stimulate saliva production. Staying hydrated, and avoiding acidic beverages like coffee and alcohol will help dry mouth from becoming worse. Chewing sugar-free gum helps to stimulate saliva production that will help to clean out debris and bacteria. Some patients report using humidifiers at night aide in relief of dry mouth side effects. There are also over the counter mouthwashes and oral moisturizers designed to help moisten your mouth to decrease discomfort caused by dry mouth.

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Always consult with your Apex dentist and your medical doctor before starting any new oral health care routine. Our dental care team is committed to restoring the aesthetics and function of your smile by treating the root of your dental health concerns. We offer a comprehensive approach to dentistry so patients receive an accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plans. We provide dental fillings and other restorative dental procedures that can help you preserve your healthy teeth and restore your oral health.

To learn more about dry mouth and how it can impact your oral health, contact your Apex Dental dentist or schedule an online appointment. Your Apex dentist will perform an extensive oral health exam and build you a personalized treatment plan all from the comfort of our Northborough, MA dentist office.