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Can a Dental Crown Fix My Issue?

Dental crowns are able to fix a variety of issues, from the cosmetic to the restorative. But can your dentist in Northborough, MA use a dental crown to fix yours? Take this quiz and see if you’re right.

dental crowns in Northborough, Massachusetts

Take Our Dental Crown Quiz

  1. Yes or No: A dental crown can fix a discolored tooth.
  2. Yes or No: A dental crown can fix a cracked or broken tooth.
  3. Yes or No: A dental crown can replace a missing tooth.
  4. Yes or No: A dental crown can stabilize a tooth after a root canal.

Answer Key


  1. Yes. If your tooth is severely discolored, a crown can go over the top of it. The crown can be color-matched to your existing teeth to make it look natural.
  2. Yes. Getting a dental crown in Northborough, Massachusetts is one of the best options to fix a severely broken or cracked tooth. The crown is fitted over the broken tooth so that the tooth doesn’t crack more. This gives you full function back and you can resume eating foods you would normally without worry.
  3. Trick question. This answer is a bit tricky. A dental crown is part of the dental implant process, but it can’t replace a tooth by itself. When a dental implant is performed, a post is implanted into the jawbone. A piece called an abutment is then used to connect the dental crown to the implant, fully replacing your tooth.
  4. Yes.



Same-Day Dental Crowns in Northborough, MA

Apex Dental is proud to be the only dental practice in the area to offer CEREC technology for same-day dental crowns. Instead of multiple visits over several weeks, using temporary crowns, we can get yours done in a single day. You can go home from one visit with your shiny new smile.

First, some of the enamel from your tooth is scraped off to make room for the crown. After this is done, a special camera is used to take an exact digital impression of your tooth. With our advanced CAD/CAM software, the crown is prepared digitally based on that impression. It’s then sent to our in-house lab, where it’s made with a ceramic material that matches the color of your teeth. It can then be bonded to the top of your tooth — and you’re all set!

If you took the quiz and found that dental crowns could be the solution to your dental problems, it’s time to get one to fix it. Call us today or schedule an appointment online! In one short day, your dental issue can be resolved.