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Dental Implants and Bone Regeneration

Patients with missing teeth can find an optimum tooth replacement solution with dental implants. This treatment involves surgically placed titanium posts in the jaw with an abutment and a prosthetic tooth or crown placed above the gum line.

The result is a permanent, natural-looking tooth replacement. Dental implants have cosmetic and restorative benefits, including potential jawbone regeneration. Dr. Robert Gauthier Jr., a dentist in Northborough, MA, describes the bone restoration benefits of dental implants.


Why do I need dental implants?

Dental patients can experience tooth loss for various reasons, but prompt tooth replacement treatment is recommended. Missing teeth can detract from your ideal smile appearance and they can also cause you to lose the ability to eat or speak normally. Tooth loss can lead to jawbone loss too, which can cause the appearance of sagging in the face and weaken your facial structure.

This occurs because the absence of the tooth root removes stimulation to the jawbone which causes the bone to deteriorate. Dental implants can cease and restore jawbone loss, as well as treat other issues that stem from missing teeth.

How does this process work?

The titanium posts surgically placed in the jaw create a stable and permanent foundation for dental implant prosthetics. They also function to simulate the presence of a tooth root reaching to the jaw.

The jawbone then experiences the stimulation it is used to from the implant, and the bone can stop deteriorating. This stimulation can also lead to bone regeneration, so that any bone that was lost while teeth were missing can regrow.

What results can I expect?

The dental implant treatment process can last several months to ensure proper healing for the patient. The time is worth it in the end because the patient can experience many benefits. The appearance of your smile will be enhanced, and you can see restoration of your ability to eat and speak.

You will no longer lose bone in your jaw due to missing teeth and may see regeneration of bone as well. This will preserve your face shape and strengthen your jaw which can prevent painful conditions like TMJ.

Dental implants available in Northborough, MA

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