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How Often Should I Visit the Dentist?

Some individuals only want to visit their dentist if they experience tooth pain or severe dental damage. However, you should schedule regular appointments to keep teeth and gums clean and healthy.

Preventative care from your dentist is just as crucial for your oral health as emergency restorative dental procedures. Dr. Robert Gauthier Jr., a dentist in Northborough, MA, provides further information about routine dental cleanings and exams and how often you should schedule them.


Why Do I Need to Visit My Dentist?

Throughout our days, natural bacteria in our mouths create plaque, which can wear down tooth enamel and leave our smiles vulnerable to damage. We practice oral hygiene to remove this plaque, but even the best regimens can miss some spots.

During routine dental appointments, dentists can clean plaque and tartar build-up from these tricky spots, including near the gum line. This can prevent major dental issues like gum disease and tooth decay.

How Often Should I Schedule Appointments?

Dentists recommend scheduling routine dental cleanings every six months. This ensures that your teeth remain clean and free of dental concerns. If issues with your teeth or gums begin to develop, your dentist can treat them promptly to avoid irreversible damage.

Some patients may require more frequent dental appointments. Senior patients, those with a higher propensity for building tartar, and people with underlying medical conditions may need to see their dentist three or four times a year.

When Would I Call for an Emergency Appointment?

Sometimes our teeth suffer acute or chronic problems in between routine dentist appointments. You can still call your dentist for an evaluation if you notice any issues. Gum concerns, tooth sensitivity, and chronic bad breath may seem minor, but if they persist, they may point to a more severe dental problem.

Dental emergencies, such as a dislodged dental crown or tooth fracture, should also be treated promptly by your dentist. You should call your dentist as soon as possible for assistance and an emergency appointment if these issues arise.

Call Your Dentist in Northborough, MA

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