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Oral Hygiene Tips for Holiday Travel

The holiday season is approaching, and many Americans intend to travel, whether it is to visit family or to take a vacation. In either case, trips like these require a great deal of planning, and your dental health should not be forgotten during your travels.

Plaque will not take a break as you relax on your trip, so neither should your oral hygiene routine. Dr. Robert Gauthier, a dentist located in Northborough, MA, offers three tips for keeping your teeth clean and healthy as you travel.

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Keep Hygienic Supplies Handy

Your oral hygiene supplies, including a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss, are likely included in your packing list before you travel this holiday season. However, if you have a tight schedule during your trip, you might not always have access to these tools when they are packed away.

Your luggage may be checked on a long airplane flight or stowed in a hotel room as you sightsee. But you may need to clean your teeth while on the go.

Therefore, it is a good idea to keep spare supplies handy so you will not compromise your oral hygiene routine. For instance, floss kept in your pocket or purse can get rid of dangerous plaque build-up in an emergency.

Plan Healthy Snack Choices

You may have holiday-centered or location-specific meals planned during your trip. But you should also consider snack food options before you leave for your vacation.

Proactive planning can help you avoid overindulging in snacks that could harm your teeth, such as acidic or sugary foods. You can enhance your dental health by selecting foods that can boost oral hygiene. These include hard-textured, fibrous foods like carrot sticks and nuts.

Stay Hydrated

To stay healthy, you should drink eight eight-ounce glasses of water each day. This habit should continue when you are on vacation.

Dehydration lowers saliva production which can cause the unpleasant condition dry mouth. This environment heightens the risk of contracting oral infections like gum disease. To prevent periodontal concerns and other dental issues, you should stick to a routine and drink plenty of water during your travels.

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