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Do I Need More Than One Dental Implant?

Tooth loss affects millions of Americans, and dental problems like advanced gum disease may cause individuals to lose more than one tooth. Even if the underlying cause of tooth loss is eradicated, patients with missing teeth may notice further oral health complications without tooth replacement solutions.

If you are missing several teeth, your dentist can offer permanent restorative treatment with dental implants. Dr. Robert Gauthier, a dentist serving patients in Northborough, MA, describes how patients suffering from the loss of more than one tooth may benefit from multiple dental implants.

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How Will My Dentist Treat Multiple Missing Teeth?

If you have missing teeth, whether you have lost several teeth in a row or in different parts of your mouth, you may notice disruptions in your smile’s appearance and capabilities. Your dentist can replace missing teeth with restorative treatments, like dental implants.

Three or more consecutive missing teeth may be replaced with an implant-supported dental bridge. Your dental professional also has single dental implants that treat one lost tooth and All-on-Four implants that replace an entire arch of teeth. If the missing teeth are located in separate spots of the mouth, your dentist can provide you with more than one dental implant.

Can I Receive Multiple Dental Implants in One Procedure?

Implant dentistry involves a multi-step process that will require three or more visits to your dentist’s office to achieve your ideal smile. However, if you and your dentist determine that you would like multiple dental implants to restore your smile, it is possible to receive them all within the same treatment.

After your initial consultation, you will schedule an oral surgery to receive the titanium post anchors that will ultimately support your prosthetic teeth. A single dental implant uses one anchor, a bridge features two – one for each end of the prosthetic, and an All-on-Four implant has four anchors supporting the arch. When you heal from this procedure, where you can receive all necessary anchors at once, you will return to your dentist to receive your prosthetic teeth that will attach to these posts.

How Long Will I Experience Restorative Benefits?

Dental implants are a permanent restorative dental treatment, meaning you will not have to worry about your fixtures wearing down over time and needing replacements. Implants will provide a lifetime of benefits, including filling gaps in your teeth to enhance your smile’s appearance, renewing your ability to perform oral functions, and preserving bone in your jaw.

Get Multiple Dental Implants in Northborough, MA

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