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Take Action for Broken Dental Crowns

If you damage the structure of your tooth, your dentist will likely restore the health of the tooth with a dental crown. This ceramic cap fits over a vulnerable tooth, allowing it to look and function normally once again. It also protects it from further issues, serving as a durable shield.

But crowns are not indestructible. Under high amounts of pressure, they could crack or dislodge, leaving your tooth at risk of more harm. You will need to take urgent action to keep your smile safe. Read on to find steps you should take if you sustain damage to your dental crown.

urgent dental care for damaged dental work

What to Do If You Damage a Dental Crown

Call Your Dentist Right Away

The first thing you should do if you damage your dental crown is call your dentist. Do not try to fix the problem yourself with over-the-counter products before speaking to an expert. You might make the issue worse or give yourself lasting dental damage.

Even if you do not feel pain after harming your crown, the underlying tooth could still be exposed. It will then have a high risk of forming cavities or other dental concerns.

Your dentist will let you know what further steps to take based on your unique case. They can also offer advice over the phone for issues like pain management. Do not wait to contact your dentist as the problem may worsen without prompt action.

Attend Urgent Dentist Appointment

Your dentist will likely ask you to come to their office as soon as you can for an emergency appointment to fix this issue with your dental crown. You will need to bring your crown with you to this visit if it is no longer over your tooth.

The dentist will check the affected tooth, the crown, as well as the surrounding area in your mouth for signs of other damage, offering treatment where needed. Then if the crown is otherwise intact, they can place it back over the tooth, securing it with dental cement again.

If you need a new permanent crown built, the dentist can give you a temporary crown to protect the tooth in the meantime. Then, you can return to your dentist’s office when the crown is ready to receive its placement.

Prevent Further Harm to Your Dental Crown

With your dental crown back in place over your tooth, you will want to take precautions to ensure you do not harm it again. This means following aftercare guidelines from your dentist. These will include practicing good oral hygiene.

If you form cavities or other dental problems due to poor oral habits, you can impact the fit of your crown. This will make it more likely to become damaged. You should also avoid teeth grinding and biting down on hard items so that you do not break your dental fixtures. Pay attention to your habits so that you can preserve your dental work.