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Get Ready for Your Dental Check-Up

Whether you intend to visit a new dental practice or see your usual dentist, you might wonder if there are steps you should take before your routine dental check-up. These regular appointments happen about twice a year, but you can enhance your experience when you know what to do ahead of this visit.

Streamline your next dental check-up by taking action before you arrive at your dentist’s office. Read on to find three tips from your dentist that will help you prepare for your upcoming dental appointment.

Get Ready for Your Dental Check-Up

Complete Your Usual Oral Hygiene Routine

During a routine dental appointment, you can expect the dentist to thoroughly clean your teeth. They scrape plaque and tartar build-up from your smile, especially in hard-to-reach spots like deep in the gum pockets. However, you should still complete your usual oral hygiene regimen prior to this appointment.

Though the dentist will take time to clean your teeth, brushing and flossing will remove easy layers of plaque and other residues. This will allow your dentist to focus on more stubborn build-up, which will ultimately save you time.

It may feel tempting to floss or brush extra rigorously before your dental appointment, but you should not do this. Excess attention to your smile will not make up for skipped at-home health care.

You should practice oral hygiene as you normally would and make sure you adhere to a consistent routine. Otherwise, you may heighten your risk of cavities, gum disease, and other dental problems.

Consider Your Comfort Levels

Do you feel nervous about your upcoming dental appointment? Dental fear can happen to patients of all ages, and modern dentistry prioritizes patient comfort at the dentist’s office.

If you feel anxious when it comes to dental work, let your dentist know. They can work with you to help you feel more at ease in their care so that you can comfortably receive the oral health care that you need. But they can only do so if you communicate these feelings to them.

You can also take measures to relax prior to your appointment. For instance, you might want to try deep breathing exercises to make you feel calmer before you head to your dentist’s office.

You could bring music and headphones to the appointment to distract you and help you relax during your dental work. You may also bring a friend with you to keep you company.

Bring Necessary Items to the Dentist’s Office

You can avoid confusion and delays at the dentist’s office by making sure you bring all necessary items to your appointment. For instance, the front office staff will want to confirm your dental insurance details, so you should have this information with you.

You should also bring dentures, Invisalign, or other oral appliances with you to your dentist appointment. The dentist will want to check these fixtures to ensure they fit and function as well as they should. Without these items, you could miss crucial oral health care.