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Celebrate the Holidays with Facial Enhancement

Planning to attend festivities with loved ones this holiday season? You can feel confident and more relaxed when you feel proud of the way your skin appears. Facial treatments like Botox of dermal fillers can help you minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a self-esteem boost that can enhance your next special event.

You can find facial aesthetic enhancement solutions by giving your dentist a call. Your dentist specializes in oral health, which comes with a thorough understanding of the surrounding muscles and tissue of the face. This makes your dentist an ideal provider of Botox and other cosmetic treatments designed for your face.

Plus, many patients report an improved recovery and experience when they receive facial aesthetic treatment during the wintertime. Discover why now could be the perfect time to enhance your face’s appearance with Botox and other cosmetic solutions at your dentist’s office by reading on.

Celebrate the Holidays with Facial Enhancement

Improve Your Skin’s Appearance with Botox and More

Your skin is designed to stretch along with muscle movement and then bounce back to its original shape without issue. However, when you grow older, your skin loses its elasticity. The constant pull at the skin can leave you with wrinkles and fine lines that will affect your facial aesthetics.

However, Botox treatment features a type of mild paralytic delivered via injection to targeted muscles in the face. It prevents excess muscle movement so that you do not overwork the skin and create wrinkles on the forehead, in the corners of the eyes, or beside the mouth.

The treatment smooths out the appearance of existing wrinkles so that your skin can look fresher and more youthful. Your dentist can also offer dermal fillers to accomplish similar aesthetic benefits for your face. With this treatment, the dentist injects a type of acid into the skin that improves skin elasticity. Learn which skin treatments can benefit your appearance by contacting your dentist today.

Achieve Optimal Cosmetic Results This Winter

You can receive Botox and other facial treatments at any time of the year. But you might experience an easier time healing if you pursue this type of enhancement during the winter season.

When you receive Botox, you might notice some slight redness at the injection site directly after the procedure. Your dentist or esthetician will provide you with aftercare instructions to ensure that you do not irritate your skin while it recovers from the treatment.

They recommend avoiding direct sunlight and sweating, which is easier to do during the winter. The sun’s UV rays will be weaker, and the cooler temperatures mean you will be less likely to sweat. Therefore, you can see a reduced chance of experiencing side effects from Botox treatment received in the winter.

You will see some improvement in the appearance of your skin immediately following Botox treatment. But it can take up to two weeks to see the complete effects of this procedure.

Take note of this timeline before you schedule your cosmetic treatment before a big event. This way, you can enjoy the maximum benefits of Botox or fillers during the holidays.